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Boracay Beach Resorts, Boracay, Philippines
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Newly Added Resorts in Boracay Island : Boracay Beach Resorts

7Stones Boracay Resort - a beachfront resort located in the center of Boracay Island, directly on Bulabog Beach Boracay.

Alta Vista de Boracay Resort - situated on the North side of the island, conveniently located near the exclusive golf course of Fairways & Bluewater and the private Puka Beach.

Beachcomber Resort - located in station 1, the resort has opened 11 modernist rooms, a swimming pool, spa, and a multi functional roof deck with a magnificent view of the famous crystalline beach.

Boracay 68 Beach Resort - offers a fully air-conditioned rooms 24/7, proximity to the white sand beaches, a complete set of Boracay resort amenities, plus a variety of water sport activities offered by the resort – you can enjoy the best of Boracay while staying on the budget.

Boracay Sands Hotel - located at Boracay Island at Station 3, design as Mediterranean type along beachfront.

Boracay West Cove - Strategically situated East of the Island of Boracay and a few minutes walk to the pristine white beach, this serene and private cove-paradise offers pure aesthetic relaxation and startling panoramic and amazing Boracay Tablas Strait sunset.

Bora Sky Hotel - situated in the heart of the Island, in an Art-deco tradition with a combination of modernity and simplicity, but still classic and at the same time native.

Cohiba Villas
- sits majestically on a cliff overlooking the beach on the east side of Boracay Island, offering stunning views of the azure Pacific Ocean. This luxury development of beautiful two and three bedroom fully furnished apartments is set in landscaped gardens that include a 25 metre swimming pool with a poolside restaurant and bar.

Crown Regency Prince Resort - the resort soon to open...

Crown Regency Resort Boracay - a beachfront resort located at the Boat Station 3, the 40-unit resort owes its design inspired by a sun-drenched island.

Erus Suites Hotel - located right at the heart of station 3 in the beautiful Island of Boracay. This Boracay Hotel is a modern Asian inspiration, captivating architecture and top quality service greeting guests right at the doorstep, this Hotel is poised to become one of the crowning jewels of Boracay Island.

Grand Boracay Resort - rests at the heart of D’Mall, Station 2. The main road is the most efficient route to any destination on the island, while the beach, which is so close to the resort, is Boracay’s most prized possession. The resort is also near restaurants, bars, drugstores, grocery shops, and bakeries.

Grand Vista Resort and Spa - located at the upper tip of Hagdan Yapak in Station 1, the unique designed of the resort is very captivating, this is truly five star getaway place at the Boracay Island that can give you a 100% Ocean view .

Gran Prix Boracay Hideaways Econotel - a beachfront resort, provides a veritable oasis of calm and understated luxury with its wonderfully modern ambience, perfect for seaside-casual living.

Milflores de Boracay - located at Station 1, Milflores is a 9-room boutique inn 1.45 minutes walk to Boracay's famous White Beach.

Monaco Suites de Boracay - located in southeasterly part of Boracay bringing all-suite accommodation to the premier resort island of Boracay, Philippines. Gives unsurpassed comfort to Boracay beach holidays, complementing the tropical vibe that Boracay Island is famous of.

Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort - a beachfront location & all rooms are within a few meters of the ocean, beachfront is recognized as the best bathing area in the entire island.

Palm Breeze Villas - a luxurious beachfront boutique resort in Boracay with three Deluxe sea-view rooms and three Suites with kitchens. The Presidential Suite is the largest and most luxurious suite on Bulabog Beach. Ideally located on Bulabog Beach Boracay offering our guests privacy and magnificent sea views over the top Kiteboarding and Boracay Windsurfing beach in Asia.

Real Maris Hotel & Resort - located at boat Station One, the Real Maris Hotel & Resort, has its touch of Continental & Oriental style, with the best facilities and always are ready to serve the guests with great pleasure and happiness.

Reef Retreat Resort - located a stones throw away from the beach behind the famous Ocean Republic Kite School.

Residencia Boracay - a beachfront hotel north of Boracay located at Boat Station 1 with 22 newly constructed rooms completed last April 2008, Residencia Boracay is designed to provide a relaxing retreat away from the crowds of Boracay White Beach.

Roxon Apartment - located at Ambulong, Station 3, it is just a minute walk to the White Beach. The apartments are located immediately behind the Swiss Inn and can be accessed by sealed road.

Sand Castles Boracay - with large airconditioned and fan-cooled bungalows and villa rooms by the beach twinning native architecture and decor with modern comforts. Wide bamboo balconies, sliding doors of Capiz shell.....spacious rooms featuring fine timber, woven sawali ceilings, Mindanao wall hangings, village pottery....ceiling fans in the style of Somerset standard bathrooms.

Seraph Bulabog - a small resort located on Bulabog Beach in a beach front location. It is a Korean Honeymooner's retreat. The resort has a swimming pool, and all the rooms have a sea view and oversized king beds. The Suite Rooms have a Jacuzzi bathtub.

Sheridan Villas - located at the quiet side of Boracay Island -Station 3, being just a few steps away from the white sandy beach, and allows revelry in the seemingly incongruous notion of barefoot elegance.

Sun Villa Boracay - located in the middle of the White Beach, it is just a few minutes walk (about 10 minutes' walk) to D'Mall and the most happening clubs and bars.

Surfside Resort Boracay - a beachfront property situated at the southern end of white sand beach, near boat station 3.

The Sitio Waling Waling - located in Balabag Plaza only 200 few meters from the beach.

The Tides Hotel - located between Boat Station 1 and 2, a few steps away from the main white beach and Boracay access road.

Victory Beach & Dive Resort - is located right at the famous Whitebeach of Boracay Island. The brand new rooms are equipped with air-condition, hot water, cable TV and Wireless Internet.

Villa Sunset Resort - located in the heart of boracay´s "White Beach", just a minute´s walk away. Official Website - Boracay Hotel Resort
"Boracay Peak Season Advisory - Book Boracay Online as Early as Now"

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Boracay island rates are subject to change - Over 5000 travellers served

Boracay Island combines crystal clear waters, sugary beaches that squeak when walked on, and lush hilly landscapes into an idyllic tourist haven, that's guaranteed to fascinate and lull visitors into tranquil harmony with its simplistic beauty. Visitors commonly refer to Boracay as a breath-taking, unbelievably magical Island. A paradise set in the unspoilt South China Seas. more Boracay Island information ...

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