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Hotel Isla Boracay-South (Lorenzo South)
Boracay Island, Boracay Beach, Aklan Province, Philippines

Hotel Isla Boracay-South (Lorenzo South)

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Hotel Isla Boracay-South (Lorenzo South) Photos and Images

Hotel Isla Boracay-South (Lorenzo South) on the southern end of the White Sand Beach is the only Boracay resort where all the rooms have ocean views. Its seafront - one of the best snorkeling areas in the island - is but a few steps from the front door.

Wake up to the gentle swish of the rolling waves. Marvel at Boracay's underwater treasures. Or watch the sunset from the verandah.

Hotel Isla Boracay-South (Lorenzo South) Description

Hotel Isla Boracay-South (Lorenzo South), ringed by rocks, is directly on the beach along the south end of Boracay's main white sand beach. The stretch of white sand lined with coconut trees is narrower in this area, but since it is away from the crowds and noise of central Boracay, you have the privilege of total tranquility.

The resort's architecture combines the rustic and the elegant. From the beach, you can see its pointed green rooftops reminiscent of Batak houses with their unusual shape of the inverted prow of a ship. Blending with the cliff just behind the resort, the two-story cottages are made of natural materials, mainly bamboo and anahaw. The rooms on the ground floor have the advantage of direct access to the beach but those on the upper floor, reached via an outside stone stairway, are just as pleasant, hidden among the trees.

Hotel Isla Boracay-South (Lorenzo South) Accommodations

Hotel Isla Boracay-South (Lorenzo South)'s 24 airconditioned suites, with the famed anahaw-lined ceiling, are an elegant blend of local architecture and western convenience. Private balconies provide sweeping panorama of Boracay's vast expanse of shimmering seas and immaculate sand and its secluded beach is ideal for those who want peace and quiet.

Hotel Isla Boracay-South (Lorenzo South) Dining

The mouth watering aromas of gourmet dishes waft through Cafe Lorenzo, where one can feast on the hearty flavors of Filipino cooking, succulent fresh seafood caught in the waters around Boracay, or the delectable array of international cuisine.

Hotel Isla Boracay-South (Lorenzo South) Facilities and Amenities

Resort and Leisure Facilities, Airconditioned rooms, Conference Center, Cable/satellite TV, Aqua Sports, Restaurant, Snorkelling, Telephone, Baby Crib, Massage, Mini-bar, Fan, Bar, TV

Hotel Isla Boracay-South (Lorenzo South) Map

Lorenzo Resorts Map

Hotel Isla Boracay-South (Lorenzo South) Photos and Images

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