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  • Angol Point Beach Resort, Boracay - located just a minute of walk south of boat station 3. Angol Point Boracay Beach Resort offers very beautiful and unique Boracay Cottages.

  • Baling-Hai Beach Resort, Boracay - is tucked away on its very own private beach Balinghai Beach. Offering there guest seclusion and privacy.

  • Bamboo Beach Resort, Boracay - is located in Station 3 and is approximately 150 meters from front beach area. Bamboo Beach Resort is composed of 10 standard air-conditioned rooms; 5 family rooms of which four is air-conditioned and one is fan; and 14 regular fan rooms, a total of 29 rooms.

  • Bamboo Bungalows, Boracay - offer four native- type bungalows which are build of local materials as coconut lumber, amacan- mats and nippa- roofs, with spacious verandas facing the lush tropical garden.

  • Banana Saging Guesthouse, Boracay - is facing the beach and guests have a undisputed view of the beach, the reef and the Sibuyan Sea.

  • Bans Beach Resort, Boracay - located towards station 1 fronted by the only Greek restaurant on the island. 23 quaint little boracay cottages with private verandas lined neatly around a lush tropical garden, a stone throw away form the beach.

  • Blue Coral Resort, Boracay - located in the private and quiet environment of Angol, near boat station 3.

  • Blue Mango Inn Beach Resort, Boracay - is located in the heart of Angol Point, just a walk from boat station 3.

  • Boracay Beach Chalets, Boracay - are located along the active area of the island paradise, fronting the long beach.

  • Boracay Beach House, Boracay - are provided with friendly staff, which can also assist in shopping, cooking, babysitting and arranging activities.

  • Boracay Imperial Beach Resort, Boracay - located at the central part of the Boracay island. Situated 150 meters away or just a good walk from the famous white beach.

  • Boracay Beach Resort, Boracay - is located at the heart of Boracay Island -- midway along White Beach between Boat Station One and the island's newest center, D'Mall.

  • B and B Beach Resort, Boracay - comprises 20 Nipa cottages – fan cooled or air-conditioned - together with the coffeeshop, function room and bar set in 5,000 sq. meters of gardens containing tropical plants, orchids and palm trees.

  • Casa Mika, Boracay - is a part of the “Tropicana Ocean Villas" compound in Sitio Diniwid, Barangay Balabag. The villa is equipped with complete living, dining, and kitchen facilities, has a spacious living room and air-conditioned guest room.

  • De Paris Beach Resort, Boracay - is a located in the middle of he island, a convenient stroll along the White Beach to all point of interest.

  • El Centro Island Beach Resort, Boracay - 26 rooms has this beach resort along a more quiet part of boat-station 2, perfect for a family stay, short walk to the wet/dry market called talipapa.

  • Frendz Resort, Boracay - is located at Boat station 1, and a short walk from the beach to the resort. If required staff of Frendz will meet you at boat station 1 to assist with bags and escort. Keep in mind that sandle or slipper should be worn as the boats land on the beach, and you may get your feet wet.

  • Fridays Boracay Beach Resort - rests at the northern end of White Beach, the premier position of the 166 nautical miles stretch of power white sand. White Beach is one of the outstanding features which has made the Boracay famous.

  • J M B S Cottages - is conveniently located on Diniwid Beach just a stones throw from Artista Boutique Hotel.

  • Jony's Beach Resort, Boracay - is one of the longest established family-run resorts on Boracay. The cozy hotel, directly situated at the part of the White Beach, where the sand is as fine as powder.

  • Lion's Den Resort and Villa, Boracay - is composed of two parts: The spacious Lion's Den in the middle of Boracay Island, between boat stations 2 and 1, and the new part 'Lions' Den Villa'.

  • Lorenzo Resorts: Hotel Isla Boracay-Main (Lorenzo Main), Boracay - is conveniently located in the middle of the island, within walking distance from Boracay's main white sand beach. The pathway in this area is where most of the souvenir shops, restaurants and bars are located.

  • Lorenzo Resorts: Hotel Isla Boracay-South (Lorenzo South), Boracay - on the southern end of the White Sand Beach is the only Boracay resort where all the rooms have ocean views. Its seafront - one of the best snorkeling areas in the island - is but a few steps from the front door.

  • Mandala Spa and Villas, Boracay - a world-class destination spa, sets the standard in service excellence and holiday accommodations in Boracay.

  • Mango Ray Resort, Boracay - is located directly at the center of Boracay's world famous White Beach.

  • Marzon Beach Resort, Boracay - is located at boat station 3 on Boracay Island.

  • Nigi Nigi Nu Noos 'e' Nu Nu Noos, Boracay - is ideally located on a quiet stretch of beachfront at the very center of White Beach, allowing easy access to the many restaurants, water sports centers and nightspots that abound along the beachfront.

  • Ralph's Place, Boracay - is ideal for people, who look for a quiet place away from the busy White Beach stretch. Ralph's Place ensures quietness and a friendly atmosphere to unwind and relax in a wonderful serene tropical environment.

  • Seawind Resort Boracay - treats you to a lot of pampering, attention and hospitality. friendly, caring and efficient smiling staff anticipate your every care and need.

  • Sun Village Beachfront Resort, Boracay - situated right where the action is, The Sun Village Beachfront Resort captures the breathtaking charm of Boracay beach with its famed fine white sand and pristine water.

  • Tete A' Tete Beach House, Boracay - at the northern end of Boracays famous White Beach, right on the wide and powdery fine beach, one can find the Tete A' Tete Beach Vacation House.

  • The Orchids Resort, Boracay - located in the southern part of White Beach, is a small, family-friendly resort in native decor.

  • Tirol and Tirol Beach Resort, Boracay - situated right in the center of Boracay, the resort is surrounded by different commercial establishments such as restaurants, banks and gift shops ready to cater to all your needs.

  • Tonglen Beach Resort, Boracay - is the place to come and enjoy the pleasure of Boracay. Since 1987, Tonglen Beach Resort has been known as the place of natural comfort and pure tranquility, along with having the best service on Boracay.

  • Villa Barracuda, Boracay - directly located on the hill of Diniwid within “Tropicana Ocean Villas” at Sitio Diniwid, Barangay Balabag in a Northwestern part of Boracay Island.

  • Villa Criselda Beach Resort, Boracay - location is within a short 1 minute’s walking distance to Boracay Beach and many of the Boracay restaurants, entertainment center’s, local markets, Boracay diving shops, tennis courts and other Boracay Activities.

  • Villa De Oro Resort, Boracay - Beachfront resort between Boat Station 2 and 3 Manggayad, Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines.

  • Villa Mare Inn, Boracay - is right at the beach front at the heart of Boracay at Station 2.

  • Ysobelle Resort, Boracay - is located beach front in the best part of the white beach and close to the center mall where you will find a wide range of restaurants, cafés and shopping boutiques.

Boracay Island combines crystal clear waters, sugary beaches that squeak when walked on, and lush hilly landscapes into an idyllic tourist haven, that's guaranteed to fascinate and lull visitors into tranquil harmony with its simplistic beauty. Visitors commonly refer to Boracay as a breath-taking, unbelievably magical Island. A paradise set in the unspoilt South China Seas. more Boracay Island information ...

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